Gold Coast Prep

Parent Testimonials – Tales from the Pandemic

Posted on May 7, 2020

During these unprecedented times, we faced the challenge of bringing the Gold Coast Prep environment to our students in their homes as we embarked on a remote learning journey.  We commend our teachers and are thrilled to share some of what our parents have to say:

  • “If you ever wanted your child to be excited about learning, Gold Coast Prep is your school. As we navigate through these unprecedented times, GCP leadership and faculty have continued the exceptional learning that takes place within the walls of the school to the now, new-normal, e-learning. The continued instruction, face-to-face e-learning, and exchange of ideas have remained a cornerstone of the GCP curriculum. Not enough can be said, GCP is a gem of a school and one that should be eagerly sought out.”
  • “So clearly, you are getting it very right where most are not. Well done Sir.”
  • “We’ve been speaking to a large number of people in the last few weeks as part of the job, many in Chicago but also a lot of people in other US states, and the common response is that their kids are doing an hour or two a day max and they are bored out of their minds and learning precious little. Our story is very much the exception. Even our son thinks having more work is a good thing.”
  • “I wanted to take a moment to say how much we appreciate you and your amazing staff making all these on-the-fly changes to the educational experience this year.  We are so glad our son’s day is still structured, he’s still having a discussion with classmates, he’s still seeing and talking with teachers, and he’s still learning.  Even though everyone is apart, you’ve maintained an educational community – so grateful.”
  • “Thank you for all the amazing virtual teaching work – I personally think it’s much harder than physical location teaching! I talk to other parent friends of mine and it has made me realize how awesome my kids’ teachers are!! “
  • “Our son has been going to GCP for the past five years and we have never regretted it. GCP has helped him develop his intellectual as well as emotional skills. With their small class strength, kids get individual attention and it also helps them bond with each other more easily. All teachers are well qualified and very approachable. We are amazed by their dedication during this pandemic as every teacher has been spending hours talking to kids and teaching them over video conferencing and sending detailed instructions to students to prep for the next day’s class. We are blessed to have found GCP!”
  • “Our son has been a student at Gold Coast Prep for the past 6 years. We are extremely pleased with the school and we deeply appreciate the dedication of the teachers. For instance, during this pandemic time, the school very quickly switched to the online platform; I felt that there was no break in education – school continues almost to the same pace with daily assignments and grading.”