Gold Coast Prep

Exploring K-4 at GCP

preschool art painting dioramasThe Gold Coast Prep Early Elementary Program is rooted in a classical curriculum, where the emphasis is on the learning of facts and the development of basic skills and rules. The students are taught in an environment that amplifies their experiences as they apply their emerging academic skills to the construction of knowledge. The teacher’s careful attention to the child’s neuro-development and the integration of symbolic language development through art and music, which characterizes the GCP Preschool Program, continues as an integral part of the Early Elementary experience.

Instruction in reading/spelling, writing and math can be provided in groups based on skill level and propensity. The flexibility of the groupings and GCP’s access to a variety of scientifically based reading (phonics, spelling and comprehension) and math programs allow appropriate instruction for the accelerated as well as the typically developing student.