Gold Coast Prep

In-Person Admissions Tour

Gold Coast Prep is where the traditional meets the progressive.  Here at Gold Coast Prep we’re looking to provide children with the ability to develop 1) a base of core knowledge, 2) critical thinking and 3) communication skills.

Preschool families:  Gold Coast Prep welcomes 3-and 4-year old children and their parents to our community!   We offer Reggio-Emilia inspired learning geared toward each child’s development.  The children’s own interests and curiosity are the means that lead to the creation of rich and thoughtful experiences that enable the development of motor skills, vocabulary, language, math, music, social skills, and emotional control, a foundation necessary for academic and athletic success.

Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School families:  Our program brings intellectual heft designed to challenge and intrigue the students. Our materials and methods create experiences that are wide-ranging, Socratic, and creative while highlighting the integrative nature of knowledge.  We are proud that our student culture is pretty unique … the children value good work and accomplishment  – all while having a great time!

As we have resumed in-person classes, we are offering tours to prospective families by appointment on Saturdays only in order to maintain the health and well-being of our students and faculty.  We recognize the value of a visit, so come meet with our Head of School and learn about the admission process and life at Gold Coast Prep.  Of course, virtual tours are still an option for those who prefer.

Please fill in your contact details below so we can contact you to arrange for a mutually convenient time.  We look forward to meeting you.