Gold Coast Prep

Early Childhood: Fine Arts


Music is integrated into the Gold Coast Prep Preschool and Junior Kindergarten program daily.  Neuroscience suggests that music can improve spatial-temporal reasoning. In particular, rhythm instruction may have the strongest impact on temporal and sequencing tasks. Accordingly, rhythm instruction, in increasing complexity, is an integral part of the GCP music program beginning in Preschool and continuing through all the grades.


The GCP Art Program, which we refer to as Project Time, is designed to provide daily practice in creative thinking and non-verbal reasoning.   Preschool and Junior Kindergarten students work in a wide range of 2-D and 3-D media, receiving direct instruction in technique and guidance towards developing a sense of aesthetics and fine motor coordination.

Project Time is integrated within the curriculum, affording students hands-on opportunities to do something with the knowledge they are acquiring. For example, one might see students constructing clay gardens as they study bug habitats. In this manner, Project Time enables each student to create personal experiences that facilitate and reinforce their learning and recall.


Gold Coast Prep also integrates Drama into the curriculum.  The Preschool and Junior Kindergarten students’ imaginative play often leads to impromptu shows during the day. Twice a year, Preschool and JK students formally participate in the all-school plays or musical revues.