Gold Coast Prep

Math Development

Our preschool program engages children to learn pre-math concepts through play and hands-on experiences, including puzzles, block construction, sorting, categorizing, patterning and games that work on 1-to-1 correspondence, number sense, comparisons and measurement.

The Gold Coast Prep Preschool and Junior Kindergarten math curriculum is built upon a focus on early number sense, an important indicator for long-term success in mathematics. Students work to become fluent in recalling number sequences. Children also work to build a deep understanding of a number as a measure of quantity, learning how to match symbols with words and pictorial representations.  We capitalize on opportunities to mathematize play and daily routines, such as counting days of school, sorting shapes, describing and extending patterns with toys, comparing lengths of items around the room, or collecting and displaying data about the weather and our friends. Students develop mathematical habits of mind: problem-solving, reasoning, flexibility, justifying, modeling, resilience, and perseverance.

preschool girl counting leaves math