Gold Coast Prep

Early Childhood: Language Arts

Language Development

An important goal of our preschool program is for children to effectively communicate with others. The Gold Coast Prep preschool environment provides children with access to a variety of activities that foster listening and speaking skills, promote language development, and increase vocabulary and comprehension through direct teacher intervention. They begin to develop an awareness that written symbols are related to spoken words. They practice writing through journaling, making signs for their classroom, and illustrating scenes from stories.

boys reading picture book

Our preschool program stimulates the development and integration of expressive and receptive language. Children learn to speak clearly in full sentences, use proper syntax, developing sequential storytelling skills, and develop the ability to follow multi-step directions. The program also encourages the development of perceptual skills through the integration of the five senses. Children refine their discrimination, memory, and motor skills within both visual and auditory contexts.

Cognitively, the program provides experiences, which focus on the development of phonemic awareness and readiness skills. Under this umbrella, the pre-kindergarten language arts curriculum focuses on the identification of upper and lower case letters and their corresponding sounds. Children also develop an understanding of rhyming, opposites, analogies, synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms.