Gold Coast Prep

Admissions: Welcome


Thank you for your interest in Gold Coast Prep.  We are excited to begin this journey of discovery with you.

white and black girl graduation caps and gownsOnce you’ve submitted an application, we will contact you to set up a visit for your child.  When prospective students come to visit, they spend some time with GCP students, teachers and the Head of School.  We do some testing while they’re here.  They have opportunities to participate in classroom activities, play in gym and create some art.

After the visit and receipt of teacher recommendations, the admissions committee convenes and then we will contact you.

From their first day of class, Gold Coast Prep students experience the passion of artful, enthusiastic and nurturing teachers, the satisfaction of learning new things, the challenge of thinking beyond the obvious and the wonder of creating art, all within the richness of the classical curriculum with ample opportunities to showcase and communicate their knowledge throughout the year.   They learn to rely on themselves and be confident in their abilities, yet they also learn to work collaboratively.  They take pride in their accomplishments while also cheering on the efforts of their classmates.   We are so pleased and proud to have such a joyful and nice school environment.

Bottom line: GCP kids are nice, they like to have fun and they like to learn.  And after they graduate, our students recognize how special the GCP experience was and they like to stay connected.  Our alumni regularly participate in our Open Houses where they come full circle and welcome the next crop of GCP students.

Apply today and start the conversation.