Gold Coast Prep

About: Head of School Welcome

kids doing experiment in science labWe welcome you to Gold Coast Prep where the traditional meets the progressive.  Here at GCP we’re looking to provide children with the ability to develop 1) a base of core knowledge, 2) critical thinking and 3) communication skills.

What does this look like?  What it comes down to is a group of kids actually working and grappling with some very different ideas and very complicated topics, and yet they’re able to do it in really fun and engaging ways.  And frankly, they don’t realize how deeply they’re working.

It’s quite remarkable that they’re actually able to do rather extraordinary things without quite realizing it – and that’s because of the way the program is put together.  We introduce deep and broad topics, and the students get right into the nitty-gritty of it — and do things with it —  and they walk out with a knowledge base, they walk out with the means to think, and they walk out with the means to communicate what they know to others in a variety of different ways.  This really builds on the kids’ self-confidence.  We see that all the time  – they feel really good about themselves because they know a lot, they know how to figure things out and they walk out of the doors in eighth grade with this experience under their belts and they’re ready to conquer the world!